There are many advantages to having a disc grinder with interchangeable plates listed below are a few.

-When  grinding material, and you find that you need to change to a different grit of sand paper.   you just remove the disc and install a different one. this saves  peeling the paper off and then trying to re apply it!

-You can change from a flat disc to a bevel disc in seconds, all using the same motor

-saves shop space by only needing 1 motor

-you can have some discs with long life paper on them and not have to worry about peeling it off

-discs can be removed for easier paper trimming on a cutting board

-if your backing material gets damaged or worn out you can put on a different disc to get by while replacing the backing material at a later date.

-discs can be removed for changing backing material



The Nielsen Design Disc Grinder is a disc grinder with interchangeable 9 inch discs.

It consists of a Hub that fits a 5/8 motor shaft  and 9 inch  disc grinding plates that can be changed in seconds!

THE HUB  is precision  machined from solid billet aluminum it features a;

-A row of magnets on the outer diameter, that hold the discs firmly to the hub

-A raised shoulder in the center of the hub face, that centers the disc

-a groove machined in the outer diameter for disc removal

-The hub fits a 5/8 motor shaft and has a standard 3/16 key-way and is retained to the shaft with a set screw

THE DISCS  are precision  machined from mild steel to a Diameter of 8-7/8, this is so a standard 9x11 piece of sand paper can be installed and trimmed to fit!  |The Discs come in 3 different versions, they are;


-FLAT DISC MODIFIED, this is a flat disc with a tapper machined on the back side outer diameter. It is good for tight spots like slip joints

-BEVEL DISC this disc is machined on a 1 degree bevel, it is mainly used for grinding long blades. Because of the Bevel, this disc allows surface contact with only 1/2 the diameter of the disc when grinding on either the left or right hand side!

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